WilLite Light guide plate
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WilLite Light guide plate
Acrylic light guide plate, max. size 2 x 6 m
Advanced LMDE (Laser Micro-Dot Engraving) technology
Excellent energy efficiency
High illuminating
Ultra slim

WilLite Light Guide Plate

              LMDE (Laser Micro-Dot Engraving) is an advanced engraving technology on the light guide plate. The Laser controlled by CNC, engraves the face of acrylic plate and create a large number of micro-dots, which diffuse the light from the edge LED strip. This achieves the LED face lighting sucessfully from the LED dot lighting. And it provides a bright, even homogeneous light illumination that present high quality images with brilliant true colors. 

        Compared with DOT printing and V-CUT engraving technologies, LMDE light guide plate distributes light much more efficiently and evenly across the entire face of the panel, and has no hotspots, no fluorescent tube banding, no dots and no lines.

Why choose WilLite LMDE light guide plate?   

#1.Excellent energy efficiency

WilLite LMDE light guide plate operates on 24V DC, and uses very little power for the light output. LMDE ensures nearly all the generated light to illuminate and not waste.

#2. Eye-catching 

WilLite LMDE light guide plate provides a bright, even homogeneous light guide plate, and present high quality images with brilliant true colours. Advertisement and brand representation could be attracted easily and widely.

#3. Changing backlit poster easily

WilLite LMDE light guide plate usually is supplied with a Snap Frame or Open Cap Frame, which allows to change backlit poster easily.

#4. Lowcost

High stable LED chip, low light degradation, long life over 50,000 hours, low maintenance.
It is easier and safer to mount to a wall or other fixture without the additional cost of constructing bulkheads.

#5. Portable 

Ultra-thin, min.depth only 1.55cm(0.61"); Lightweight, easy to carry and install. 


- Indoor & Outdoor advertising light boxes
- Retail point-of-sale signage & Displays/Showroom, tradeshows and exhibitions
- Hotel, Cinemas, airports and shopping malls
- Architectural feature walls and panels
- Maps and directions
- Ceiling, floor, counter-top or shelving panels
- Safety & information signage
- Government and public transport (e.g. taxi backs, trucks, trains, trams and buses)

Our Advantages:

We are a professional manufacturer.
We have advanced light guide panel engraving technology--- CNC Laser Micro-Dot Engraving.
We have a professional and experienced team.
We have a strong customer-oriented approach and a detail-focused practice.
We offer custom-built service, quick response and fast delivery. 

WilLite light guide plate

WilLite light guide plate

WilLite light guide plate

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