What influence the costs of slim lig
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What influence the costs of slim light box?

At present on the market, the prices of slim light box varies. Some are high prices, some are very cheap. What influence the costs of slim light box after all? We try to express from the materials and technoligies.

The materials of slim light box include aluminum frame, light guide panel, edge-lit LED strip and adapter.

1. Aluminum frame

The thickness of aluminum frame extrusion wall. The aluminum frame extrusion wall is thicker, the slim light box will be stronger. At the same time, the heat dissipation of edge-lit LED strip will be better. Because the aluminum frame helps the LED strip to dissipate heat. Certainly, thicker wall will add the cost of aluminum frame. What's more, the surface treatment oxidation will add costs while improving appearance.

WilLite slim light box

2. Light guide panel

The acrylic panel is the best material as light guide panel. It usually will not become yellow in 5 years. Higher quality acrylic panel, especially imported acrylic panel, has high homogeneity and high transmittance. Its cost is higher too. If the light guide panel is made of the PS panel or PVC panel, the costs will be reduced. But its brightness, symmetry and discolouring time will be reduced accordingly. 

WilLite slim light box

3. Edge-lit LED strip

The high quality LED strip will ensure the brightness, symmetry, light decay time, stable and durable working. But its quality is the most uneven. Epistar LEDs from the original factory are reliable. Their costs are much higher than the unknown factories. 

4. Adapter

The high quality of adapter will ensure the slim light box to work stably and durably. MW and GVE adapters are safe and reliable. But their costs are much higher than the common factories. 

The technoligies of slim light box include engraving technology of light guide panel and the heat dissipation technology of edge-lit LED strip.

1. Engraving technology of light guide panel 

There are many ways to engave the light guide panel. But the engraving technoligy of achieving higher efficient illuminating, higher brightness and higher symemtric light, will bring about higher costs.

WilLite slim light box

2. Heat dissipation technology of edge-lit LED strip

It is well known that the greatest problem of LED illuminating is to keep the balance between the power and heat dissipation. The accumulated heat will shorten the life of LED, speed up the light decay of LED, and even burn out the LED. The PCB (Printed Circuit Board),surrounding heat sink and  aluminum frame will add the area of heat absorption and heat dissipation. Thus the LED strip will work more stably and durably. Certainly, the costs will be added whith more parts and assembling time.