What are differences of 24V VS 12V l
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What are the differences of 24V VS 12V led strip in slim light boxes?

Nowadays, slim light boxes usually use the led strips driven by contant voltage led driver. The general working voltages are 12V and 24V. Many people will ask which voltage is better for slim light boxes.

Using 12V or 24V, it is depended on the design of manufacturers. It is common for a 12V and 24V LED strip to have the same brightness, especially on short lengths less than 5 meters. Because the brightness of led strip isn't determined by the voltage but actually by the type of LED chip, and the number of LEDs per meter. 

But in practical use, the 12V and 24V led strips have following differences.

1. The cut size: 24V led strip is almost twice longer than the 12V led strip. Based on the same power, you can cut the size of 12V led strip with every 50mm, however, for 24V led strip, you should cut every 100mm. So, the cuting length of 24V led strip is twice longer.

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2. The drop voltage: 12V led strip will have a shorter permissible length including the distance between the adpater and 12V led strip. After 6m you will start to see a noticeable dimming in brightness due to voltage drop. 24V led strip performs better in drop voltage. Its permissible length is twice longer than 12V led strip. That means the brightness from the very beginning to the end of the led strip in the longer distance is almost the same. This is very helpful for slim light boxes to achieve symmetric illumination, specially for large size slim light box.