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Wilson Technologies Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise specialized in production, sales, research and development of multiple purpose LED light boxes and display systems.Our headquarter is in Hangzhou. We have advanced light guide panel engraving technology CNC LMDE (Laser Micro-Dot Engraving). The LMDE light guide panel distributes the light more efficiently and evenly across the entire face of the panel, and achieve a bright, homogeneous illumination, which makes the image look fantastic and gets the signage noticed.

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News & Events

Intime outdoor vinyl light box using WilLite backlit LED bar       May. 16, 2018

The Intime Shopping Mall uses WilLite backlit LED bars in its outdoor vinyl lightboxes. They are high bright, very symmetric, and eye-catching at night. They present the names and floors of shops in the mall. They attract customers to come in and direct them to find the interested shops.

What influence the costs of slim light box?       May. 16,2018

At present on the market, the prices of slim light box varies. Some are high prices, some are very cheap. What influence the costs of slim light box after all? We try to express from the materials and technoligies.

★ What are the differences of 24V led strip VS 12V led strip in slim light boxes?       May. 10,2018

Nowadays, slim light boxes usually use the led strips driven by contant voltage led driver. The general working voltages are 12V and 24V. Many people will ask which voltage is better for slim light boxes.

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